Zandra Flores

Every idea starts with a problem.
Ours was simple: "Be a world-class gift provider whose products make people happy."
Our products make a lovely addition to your personality. We are named My Bestiem8, which comes from the word "Bestie Mate" - someone's best friend.
Zandra Flores is the founder of My Bestiem8 Gift Shop - a mom of Bestie and an empowered woman. She has a passion for providing solutions to a problem and helping others. She gives guidance about life, how to handle stress, giving tips in life, work and finding balance.
We aimed to bring a unique idea to your home with every purchase—a memorable moment captured through thoughtful design on behalf of YOU, so they'll never forget what matters most.
Our grand vision fosters relationships.
Our mission statement strives to achieve this by developing long-lasting partnerships with business partners who share our values and goals while encouraging creativity within each team member so they may always provide exceptional customer service.
Our company values are putting people first and giving back. Focusing on customer service, we aim to provide the best solutions for our customers' needs without sacrificing what matters most: You as an individual!
Our team designs most products in our shop, but there is also part of goods from other companies whose designs are attractive.
In short, in this shop, we want to share the products that we genuinely appreciate. We only offer products that align with our "philosophy of excellent products".