Break The Silence, Stop The Violence of Women

Break The Silence, Stop The Violence of Women

Enough is enough, no one has the right to abuse others, and this must stop, says Women.

In any period of history, women have always been exposed to violence. The cinema established the stereotype that prehistoric man would drag their female counterparts by their hair and beat them around the head in order to stun them before mating with them against their will – just like an animal penetrating its partner’s body so as not let themselves be led astray biologically speaking (despite hundreds/thousands of years being spent evolving). Despite this deeply ingrained instinctual behavior among males today who refer to themselves as rational beings; it seems we still cannot escape Civility’s clutches when dealing internally with ourselves because while there are many good guys out here. Imagine that while you are reading this paragraph thousands of girls and women all over the world are suffering some type of psychological or economic aggression—or even worse being murdered for their own lives. What would it feel like to know there were people out there who cared enough about us but couldn’t help because they lacked access to resources?

The UN defines violence against women as any act of gender-based violence that results in, or is likely to result in physical, sexual, and psychological harm. This includes threats of such acts of coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty whether occurring publicly or privately. 

The issue of violence against women is a long-standing problem. It has been happening for centuries and will continue to happen in every country because there are not enough people who want to stop it from getting worse, though some have tried. 

According to studies, most of the crimes against women can happen in secret within their own homes. Although this type of violence has been around for a long time and there are many types that regulate it legally but laws or legal acts only became prominent as recently at penal codes across countries began regulating them then things will start changing because we always need more awareness about these issues so let’s do our part now.

One in three women has experienced some form of violence and one out five girls will be subject to sexual assault before they turn eighteen. This is a global problem that affects people from all walks of life, including those living in the United States or Europe – it happens here too! It can happen at any time during your day: for instance you might find yourself walking down an unfamiliar street when suddenly someone grabs hold of you- how do we feel safest then? 

The Human Rights Watch reports staggering statistics on gender inequality across cultures–even within family relationships where female members are often treated unfairly compared to their male counterparts not just because society considers males’ emotions more important than females’, but also due largely because these types of attacks reinforce traditional hierarchical systems.

Latin American and Caribbean citizens are fighting a war against violence, with the region having some of the world’s highest murder rates. The document goes on to say that organized crime plays an important role in this as well–accounting for approximately 22% of all homicides across Latin America according to UN-Habitat’s report “State Of LAC Cities 2012″. Domestic abuse accounts for another 17%.

In Canada, 34% of women who suffer from abuse and 11% of sexual assault victims affirm that they could not work on the day after their aggressor. The economic losses are 7 million Canadian dollars per year (Greaves 1995).

One in every four women has been assaulted in their home at least once. The number of cases is on the rise and it’s not just a French problem, either- this trend exists across Europe as well.

A woman dies every day because she was beaten by her husband or boyfriend. In 2009, there were 2 deaths per day from violence against females but now that figure stands over 4 victims killed daily due to marital abuse.

The FBI reports that one woman in the United States is beaten every fifteen seconds. Less than half of all domestic violence incidents are reported to the police and a third of femicides happen between intimate partners, according to an annual report by The Uniform Crime Reports which was released this year (2016).

Also in the USA, the risk of spousal abuse is likely higher for boys who witness their father’s violence. A study found out that 10 times as many men will engage in this behavior when compared to nonviolent homes (Family Violence: Interventions for Justice System 1993).

In 2020, COVID-19 touched our lives in nearly every way. The world was a lockdown and restricted movement to contain the virus’ spread as countries went into isolation or face certain disaster; reports of violence against women began to rise with increased cases reported specifically domestic abuse situations which left many scarred emotionally and physically.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States has shown that grievous bodily harm is the main cause of death among females aged 15 to 34. However, when relating this information with data presented by the FBI it becomes clear women are more likely than men to die from these acts of hostility or homicide in America. Today, more women die from GBH than cancer and heart disease.It should also be noted how many times they were victims before being killed – statistics show 90% went through at least one previous trauma involving abuse.

The problem of violence against women is a difficult one to solve. It’s not always under control and may never be able fix all the problems at once, but people will keep on trying in their own ways as they have no other options left for themselves than what we can give them nowadays when there are so many laws being passed about this issue already because our country cares about protecting its ladies properly which means everything changes from here onwards with nothing else needed anymore; just hoping those resolutions get resolved smoothly soon enough.

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